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ALLIES Workshop on Economics of Innovation

5-6 April 2022

Bordeaux School of Economics, Bordeaux, France

Catalina Martínez (CSIC-IPP) and Valerio Sterzi (BSE, Bordeaux) organised a workshop in Bordeaux 5-6 May 2022 in the framework of the ALLIES-IRP project funded by CNRS and CSIC which counted with the participation of MIMA-CM members from the CSIC-IPP node Adelheid Holl, Clara Casado and Catalina Martinez. 

The objective of the workshop was to share and analyse issues related to the provision and protection of innovative knowledge at a global scale, taking into account their public good nature, and to study the incentives and strategies of the different parties and economic agents involved: countries, public research organisations, firms, researchers and society as a whole.