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2nd PhD Summer School on “Economic Foundations for Energy and Climate Policies” September 2021

6-10 September 2021


UC3M Downtown Campus, Madrid

After the great success of the first edition, Universidad Carlos III, DIW Berlin, EUI-Florence School of Regulation, Technical University Berlin, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University College London and Université Libre de Bruxelles are happy to announce the second edition of the PhD Summer School on “Economic Foundations for Energy and Climate Policies”.

Twenty five PhD students from all over Europe have benefited from in-person interactions after a tough year of intermittent lock-downs and travel restrictions, which forced all of us to interact through zoom-only.
Students also benefited from insightful lectures by Profs. Estelle Cantillon (Brussels), Ulrich Wagner (Mannheim), Matti Liski (Helsinki), Stefan Ambec (Toulouse) and Giulio Federico (European Commission). The lively discussions covered a wide range of topics: the efficiency properties of carbon markets, their distributional implications, the unintended consequences of carbon trading, the risk of carbon leakage and the adequate policies to address it, the comparison of carbon taxes and renewable subsidies and their distributional implications, the complementarity or substitutability between carbon pricing and renewables expansion….the list of topics is long, no wonder why: the current decade will be critical to put us on track to address the climate challenge, for which the design of climate and energy policies will be critical. We are confident that the current and future research of the PhD students participating in the course will help push the climate agenda in the years to come.
The program of the course can be downloaded from here.