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Workshop on Ecosystem Accounting and SEEA EA 2021 Immediate Action and the Road Ahead

29 March 2022

Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid, Spain

Alejandro Caparrós, nodo CSIC, organises a workshop on Ecosystem Accounting and SEEA EA 2021, where the immediate action and the road ahead will be the main focus. The hybrid event will take place on 29 March 2022 in Madrid, Spain. Participants can join the complete  workshop on site or online. Registration is required for both onsite and online participation.

During the workshop, MAIA partners as well as external members from various European institutions and the European Commission will review the current status of SEEA EA development and implementation, with presentations on the progress on biophysical and monetary ecosystem accounting in EU member states and globally.

Moreover, the workshop will explore future actions needed to further deploy ecosystem accounting during two roundtables on biophysical and monetary accounts.